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About GirlWhoLovesPink

About GirlWhoLovesPink

GirlWhoLovesPink experiences her life differently. She perceives things minutely, captures moods uniquely and interprets them creatively! She draws what she sees and expresses what she feels! Every art is a story which has been lived and loved! You can live your life the pink way by feeling every moment of hers, while she shares an art from her heart to yours.


GirlWhoLovesPink Journey!

GirlWhoLovesPink was started in 2012! It was started as a way of releasing some creative juices and channeling my energy to the best of my potential! It started as gifting of handmade greeting cards, DIY Lamps and Jewellery boxes.It was very well received however was never able to scale it up beyond gifting! Girl who loves pink! now wishes to grow and showcase their designer capabilities and reach everyone who loves art. Every GWLP! Piece is an unique expression of art which is drawn on pen & paper (the traditional ways!).Every piece has a story which will be shared with you for you to connect with the intricate details of life which are beautiful!

About the real GirlWhoLovesPink

The only way you can understand her feelings are through her Art!  She draws what she sees and experience what she feels! Loves unconventional things and has eyes for beautiful moments of life! She loves to wear a beautiful smile with pink lipstick, pink stilettos and her Victoria secret Pure seduction perfume! “I wish to live exactly how you feel without conforming to societal norms. I love to live a life on my own terms. No attachment to things or people, I am a nomad and live like one. Love to share the love and positive energy wherever possible”.

Live Life the pink way!”


We were really lucky to have had such beautiful people sharing our stories!

We would love you to read them they are stories about girl who loves pink the website and about the real life girl who loves pink the founder.

Click on the images to view the full story..


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