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All Aboard!

We took a bus to Ocenkaj pier to board this huge ship! This commercial vehicle is too big for Langelinie. Before i board the ship, let me show you this amazing ship! NCL-Getaway.When i first saw it looked like a huge hotel! I was honestly pretty surprised to see the size!


The Boarding process is quite lengthy but its very well planned. If the last hour to dock is 5pm please be there at the pier at least 2hrs before! Well were there at 12pm (A very punctual family!)The moment we entered the ship we were given a card! That was the most important card!It is your debit card/identity card /room key. We the absolute foodie family ran to dining first!(The luggage was being brought by the staff ! So we were free). The theme for todays’s lunch! (Any guesses!)-NORWEGIAN! yuuummmmmmyyyyy!!!! Meat balls-Mashed Potatoes-Sausages(Beef-Pork-Chicken)-Fries(Curly-straight)-waffles with sour cream and fresh berry jam! DAMN, I am hungry!

Ofcourse, we now plan to retire to our allotted room, We were walking with our bellies hanging! The Room Number-14276! Our room was at the absolute end of the ship! It is on of the best rooms to book! As the balcony is huge and the view is limitless! We are 3 people in a room and it was quite accommodating! Needless to say it was 14th floor! It felt absolutely heaven like with sea breeze and seagulls and the Ofcourse the sea!

Its a huge ship!With various Nationalities aboard! The Ship entertainment was so elaborate that you literally had to choose which to go for and which you can plan any other day! There was introductory show which welcomed us and introduced us to the people who make Getaway so special! I was most excited to see the pool as i am a water baby and could not wait to be in the pool!

By evening we were all set to get to our 1st show and ofcourse to our favourite place the Dining! There is a ship’s box office where you can book tickets for shows or every gallery has touch screens which enables you to make bookings for Dining to other restaurants in the ship/Shows/Excursions to the place we dock next. The evening was very nice and easy, went around the entire ship to get acquainted and also marvelled at the shear luxury and the architectural planning of the NCL-Getaway.

Today we ate at O’Sheehan’s Bar & Grill at Deck 6 which over looked Deck 5 that had a nice open theatre kind a vibe and soon became by go to place as you can enter it anytime and there will always be fun games and chill music! and not to mention the food with it! We ate fish’n’chips completing the Norwegian cuisine!

Pheewww! it was a long day! Drew the curtains of the window and just stared out at the beautiful sea for the rest of the night! Good Night Sleep Well! Leaving you with this beautiful open sea view!

GWLP! Learns that

  • Basic items like Water,Internet,Medicines and Doctor are expensive on the ship!Make sure you carry all medicines that you think may need and carry one water bottle per person to fill up from water stations!
  • Not all entertainment is free and a lot of them that are free gets sold out fast! Make sure your bookings are done when you can.
  • Every night there is a ship newsletter that is kept on your door!Do read it well for more information everyday!

Sleep well!

Good Morning! Lets grab quick breakfast! and get moving to the city of Warnemünde! Definitely a breakfast with a view!

Let me know if you liked it!

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