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Author: Pink Lover


Tere tulemast Tallinna.

Tallinn, Estonia’s capital on the Baltic Sea, is the country’s cultural hub. It retains its walled, cobblestoned Old Town, home to cafes and shops, as well as Kiek in de Kök, a 15th-century defensive tower. Its Gothic Town Hall, built in the 13th century and with a 64m-high tower, sits in historic Tallinn’s main square. St. Nicholas Church is a 13th-century landmark exhibiting ecclesiastical art.

Upon reading i realised that the city is divided in two parts Toompea – Upper Town and All-linn – Lower Town. We were in the Lower town which is the old medieval part of Tallinn.

The city of Tallinn has a good balance of new city as well as its old township but Tallinn’s Old Town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.We walked to the old city and well the moment i entered the city it felt as if have entered a “Jane Austen” Story. It felt as am going to see a horse drawn carriage and Mr Darcy coming out to meet Ms Bennet who is wearing an elegant gown. Oh well snapping out of this!

Fat Margaret Cannon Tower/ Estonian Maritime Museum

Fat Margaret was built in the early 16th century (from 1511 to 1530) during the reconstruction of the medieval city gate system. The etymology of the tower’s name derives from the fact that it was the largest part of the city’s fortifications with walls measuring 25 meters in diameter, 20 meters in height and up to 5 meters thick. Apart from being a fortification against would-be invaders to the port of the town, it was also built to impress outside visitors arriving by sea.

The tower now serves a more peaceful function of housing the Estonian Maritime Museum which looks at the nation’s seafaring history with a collection of nautical paraphernalia that spreads over four stories and a view of the old town and Tallinn’s harbour and bay from its rooftop viewing platform.

We walked around the cobblestoned roads in to corridors of the old city and right in to the Town Hall Square.The street was filled with these stores which are decorated keeping in mind the medieval theme.There was stunning architecture around the entire old city, which definitely made me feel am back in the 13th century!

Raekoja plats/Town Hall Square

Is a town square beside Tallinn Town Hall in the center of the Tallinn Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia. It is a venue for numerous small festivals or concerts like Tallinn Old Town Days.

There has been a town hall in Tallinn since at least 1322 and a town square next to it ever since then. The hall was rebuilt from 1402 to 1404 into its current form, and a Christmas tree display has been held in the square since 1441, making the Tallinn Christmas tree display over 570 years old.

I really wish to travel to Estonia once at Christmas! I am sure all the Hallmark Rom Coms are shot here! The Town Hall is right here at the square, so is the church. I also found some cute red building and also guess what a horse drawn carriage(Mr Darcy ain’t far!).

Everything that you wished to see here was nearby and pretty much walkable! We exited the square beyond inside to the city to see Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, We did not go inside but loved the walk to the cathedral to only find out that it was under renovation! What a bummer!

Next to it were the Danish King’s Garden,St. Nicholas’ Church and Museum and Parliament of Estonia, This is all part of the Town Toompea the upper town! We got a beautiful view from the top! and also got to see almost everything this town had to offer!

Phew! Long day! we took a last round of the city and the townhall square and also took pictures at the newer town and settled down for some coffee /Beer and loo break and ofcourse free wifi! Cheers!

Honestly i was a little sad to leave Tallinn! I want to actually live here! It was such a cute little town! Well now i need a good rest and also wanted to explore the ship!

GWLP! Learns that..

  • Wear a good pair of walking shoes!
  • Loos and WIFI is free at McDonalds, local coffee shops have paid for bathrooms.
  • The old city of Tallinn is very small and cute can be completed in a few hours.
  • It can be a little cold, keep something warm with you.

Day 3 -On Ship!

Good Morning! It is a beautiful morning! Woke up to this sunny day for a change! A view to die for! Had my favourite breakfast at the Garden Café at Deck 15.I had Waffles with sour cream and fresh berry jam!

We checked the Ships’ Newsletter and there was a program today that they conducted with all the HOD’s from the chefs,Restaurant, Bar,Bookings ,Entertainment ,House-Keeping etc. They discussed a topic “How to run a moving Hotel” I was in love with the fact that they were absolutely candid and it was a very interesting sessions. Few questions that were asked were:

GWLP! Learns that…

  • Sewage Management-They basically recycle all the waste in the ship and reuse it.
  • Food Procurement-Everything is pre booked and pre loaded in the USA ,no food or alcohol is refilled when we dock in to the countries.
  • Food Planning-They have data enough to suggest Dietary Preferences, Age, Ethnicity etc (Example is Indians are on board then a special menu everyday was served to Indians.
  • Restaurant Management-How they travel from insides of the ship, which has special stairs and lifts for the staff! (so cool!) and every restaurant manages its own raw materials and menu planning.

Also for lunch we tried a restaurant “The Tropicana Room” at Deck 7, it was Spanish Lunch today! It was a nice buffet style!The food was tasty and very different! We got a place with a sea view and absolutely loved the food even more!

After a nice lunch we wanted to check out the duty free! When docked on land ,ship’s duty free is not allowed.Only when they are sailing they open ups today being one of the free days they were open! There was cosmetics,Handbags,Souvenirs,Perfumes,Electronic Etc. Naturally I proceeded to the cosmetics section(The Duty Free staff became really good friends of mine). I was in a need for a relaxing swim and to work up an appetite for dinner(yes a big part of why we chose this cruise!).

It was getting cloudy and did rain too.Made see really rough! A lil titanic kinda moment! After a leisurely afternoon, we get back to eating (We ate some yummy Pork Ribs!) and visit a few more pubs and music shows in the ship!It’s my dad’s favourite place it was called the Syd Norman’s Pour House at Deck 8 and we also sat for Howl At The Moon! and then my favourite area at Deck 5 that had 70’s themed disco party!

A day well spent! Winding down to now! Good night! We are leaving to see the city of Tallin at 9am tomorrow! Set your watch 1 hr ahead. Good Night!

Woke up to a rather cold day! It has been raining! We have arrived at Estonia’s port and capital city Tallin!

Time for some breakfast before we get out to explore this beautiful city! Let’s get going to explore Tallin!

Day 2-Aboard On Cruise (Germany)

Back on the ship to enjoy some yummy chicken wings, Nachos and well this cheesecake!

And then i enjoyed a visit to the jacuzzi and a beautiful sunset!

As i explored the ship today i went to the balconies today to see how the ship exits from the port.It was nice night view with the city of Warnemunde glittering in the dark! Went around the ship for our evening entertainment tonight there was a dance competition and a live concert of old American music. Also saw a toddler loving the limelight she got! Probably it was the 1st time she ever danced! (The parents were thrilled!)

Ending my day with a nice walk around the ship! Getting ready for day 3 on the ship! Tomorrow it’s a day off. As we are travelling to Estonia from Germany.It will be a long sail!

Travelling to

Good Night Sleep Well!!

All Aboard!

We took a bus to Ocenkaj pier to board this huge ship! This commercial vehicle is too big for Langelinie. Before i board the ship, let me show you this amazing ship! NCL-Getaway.When i first saw it looked like a huge hotel! I was honestly pretty surprised to see the size!


The Boarding process is quite lengthy but its very well planned. If the last hour to dock is 5pm please be there at the pier at least 2hrs before! Well were there at 12pm (A very punctual family!)The moment we entered the ship we were given a card! That was the most important card!It is your debit card/identity card /room key. We the absolute foodie family ran to dining first!(The luggage was being brought by the staff ! So we were free). The theme for todays’s lunch! (Any guesses!)-NORWEGIAN! yuuummmmmmyyyyy!!!! Meat balls-Mashed Potatoes-Sausages(Beef-Pork-Chicken)-Fries(Curly-straight)-waffles with sour cream and fresh berry jam! DAMN, I am hungry!

Ofcourse, we now plan to retire to our allotted room, We were walking with our bellies hanging! The Room Number-14276! Our room was at the absolute end of the ship! It is on of the best rooms to book! As the balcony is huge and the view is limitless! We are 3 people in a room and it was quite accommodating! Needless to say it was 14th floor! It felt absolutely heaven like with sea breeze and seagulls and the Ofcourse the sea!

Its a huge ship!With various Nationalities aboard! The Ship entertainment was so elaborate that you literally had to choose which to go for and which you can plan any other day! There was introductory show which welcomed us and introduced us to the people who make Getaway so special! I was most excited to see the pool as i am a water baby and could not wait to be in the pool!

By evening we were all set to get to our 1st show and ofcourse to our favourite place the Dining! There is a ship’s box office where you can book tickets for shows or every gallery has touch screens which enables you to make bookings for Dining to other restaurants in the ship/Shows/Excursions to the place we dock next. The evening was very nice and easy, went around the entire ship to get acquainted and also marvelled at the shear luxury and the architectural planning of the NCL-Getaway.

Today we ate at O’Sheehan’s Bar & Grill at Deck 6 which over looked Deck 5 that had a nice open theatre kind a vibe and soon became by go to place as you can enter it anytime and there will always be fun games and chill music! and not to mention the food with it! We ate fish’n’chips completing the Norwegian cuisine!

Pheewww! it was a long day! Drew the curtains of the window and just stared out at the beautiful sea for the rest of the night! Good Night Sleep Well! Leaving you with this beautiful open sea view!

GWLP! Learns that

  • Basic items like Water,Internet,Medicines and Doctor are expensive on the ship!Make sure you carry all medicines that you think may need and carry one water bottle per person to fill up from water stations!
  • Not all entertainment is free and a lot of them that are free gets sold out fast! Make sure your bookings are done when you can.
  • Every night there is a ship newsletter that is kept on your door!Do read it well for more information everyday!

Sleep well!

Good Morning! Lets grab quick breakfast! and get moving to the city of Warnemünde! Definitely a breakfast with a view!

Baltic Sea Explorations

This trip was a well planned Sea Cruise.We decided to travel with Norwegian Cruise Line!(Covering it separately) The route that we chose was the Baltic sea route! The Baltic Sea is a mediterranean sea of the Atlantic Ocean, enclosed by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, northeast Germany, Poland, Russia and the North and Central European Plain. The sea stretches from 53°N to 66°N latitude and from 10°E to 30°E longitude. (Source:Wikipedia)

Countries covered in this trip:

  1. Denmark
  2. Germany
  3. Estonia
  4. Russia
  5. Finland
  6. Sweden

Started the trip from Mumbai to Copenhagen via Istanbul! We flew Turkish Airways!We were at the Istanbul airport for 5hrs! It is a new aiport which has been done in modern architecture.My Blog will have tons of food pics!(Try not to drool!).Some munchies to keep ourselves busy.There was cozy sofa near the yogurt bay thats where we sat charged our phones and enjoyed our snacks!

The airport is wide spread and boasts of fancy lighting and luxurious shopping arena! They also have an area that looks like Turkish markets and serve variety of turkish delights which you can taste and buy! We had an amazing time eating the yummy baklava and window shopping!

Time for my 2nd flight! See you soon!

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