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Day 3 -On Ship!

Good Morning! It is a beautiful morning! Woke up to this sunny day for a change! A view to die for! Had my favourite breakfast at the Garden Café at Deck 15.I had Waffles with sour cream and fresh berry jam!

We checked the Ships’ Newsletter and there was a program today that they conducted with all the HOD’s from the chefs,Restaurant, Bar,Bookings ,Entertainment ,House-Keeping etc. They discussed a topic “How to run a moving Hotel” I was in love with the fact that they were absolutely candid and it was a very interesting sessions. Few questions that were asked were:

GWLP! Learns that…

  • Sewage Management-They basically recycle all the waste in the ship and reuse it.
  • Food Procurement-Everything is pre booked and pre loaded in the USA ,no food or alcohol is refilled when we dock in to the countries.
  • Food Planning-They have data enough to suggest Dietary Preferences, Age, Ethnicity etc (Example is Indians are on board then a special menu everyday was served to Indians.
  • Restaurant Management-How they travel from insides of the ship, which has special stairs and lifts for the staff! (so cool!) and every restaurant manages its own raw materials and menu planning.

Also for lunch we tried a restaurant “The Tropicana Room” at Deck 7, it was Spanish Lunch today! It was a nice buffet style!The food was tasty and very different! We got a place with a sea view and absolutely loved the food even more!

After a nice lunch we wanted to check out the duty free! When docked on land ,ship’s duty free is not allowed.Only when they are sailing they open ups today being one of the free days they were open! There was cosmetics,Handbags,Souvenirs,Perfumes,Electronic Etc. Naturally I proceeded to the cosmetics section(The Duty Free staff became really good friends of mine). I was in a need for a relaxing swim and to work up an appetite for dinner(yes a big part of why we chose this cruise!).

It was getting cloudy and did rain too.Made see really rough! A lil titanic kinda moment! After a leisurely afternoon, we get back to eating (We ate some yummy Pork Ribs!) and visit a few more pubs and music shows in the ship!It’s my dad’s favourite place it was called the Syd Norman’s Pour House at Deck 8 and we also sat for Howl At The Moon! and then my favourite area at Deck 5 that had 70’s themed disco party!

A day well spent! Winding down to now! Good night! We are leaving to see the city of Tallin at 9am tomorrow! Set your watch 1 hr ahead. Good Night!

Woke up to a rather cold day! It has been raining! We have arrived at Estonia’s port and capital city Tallin!

Time for some breakfast before we get out to explore this beautiful city! Let’s get going to explore Tallin!

Let me know if you liked it!

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