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Willkommen bei Warnemünde

Warnemünde is one of the world’s busiest cruise ports.s a seaside resort and a district of the city of Rostock in Mecklenburg, Germany.t is located on the Baltic Sea and, as the name implies, at the estuary of the river Warnow.

We docked at the Pier 8 of Rostock port, and walked to the city of Warnemünde, which was 20 mins walk! It was a rather in the outskirts but looked very clean and the signages were proper! We enter the Local Station which people can board to travel to other parts of the country like Berlin. We unfortunately felt the travel journey to Berlin for 3hrs one way and decided to see this city instead!

The entire entry of the city is like a waterfront that has cute resorts and shops! Nice eateries and its a beautiful walk! A lot of boats are parked at the mouth of the river and cute birds are swaying in the water.Warnemünde being a port and a very important one too as beautiful Lighthouses.We also walked towards the old city which had some homes and shops and cobbled stoned pathways gives it a medieval look.We took a break and sat to enjoy a lovely chilled beer!

It is a very small city which also is very modern, has electric cars and we saw car charging points on the roads for the 1st time! As the city is a port the Warnemunde lighthouse was our next stop!Its had beautiful clouds around it for a marvellous picture! The church looks like a castle straight out of Harry Potter! and also something known as the Teepott (Teapot)!

The Lighthouse

Being a centre of maritime traffic, the district of Warnemünde comprises numerous navigational aids, the oldest being the lighthouse, built in 1897, and still currently in use. In the summer, the tower, approximately 37 metres (121 ft) high, allows visitors to enjoy an impressive view over the Baltic Sea and the northern districts of Rostock. 

We walked around the city a little more and decided to go back to the Ship by 5pm in the evening.The ship sets sail at 9pm and last time to board ship was 7pm!We stopped over at the nearby souvenir store as it was providing free wifi! Sat their to enjoy a nice sea breeze and ofcourse check mails and WhatsApp!

GWLP! Learns that…

  • I really did not know such a beautiful place existed in the outskirts and that always going to the main city should not be the focus.It was a self sufficient little city with so much beauty.
  • We were eating all meals on board of the ship so we never spent money on the land,so we had only beer which was expensive on board! A typical money saving technique.
  • As we did not take an internet pack, we would go to any Shops to have a coffee to connect to their free WIFI!
  • Bathrooms are all paid for! Please keep in some coins in local currency for loos!
  • The city has very hard cobble stoned roads, please wear proper walking shoes as it can be pretty tiring!
  • Your Google Maps are a boon! They work on GPS without internet! Please plan your day trip on the maps (routes and places to visit) and download offline maps when you can! We have been using it to navigate when on ship too!

Aye Aye Captain! Lets go on board the ship! I just want to dip my feet in the hot jacuzzi! and i am also hungry! See you at the dining area!

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