Laburnum Blooms

400 Includes GST

This Lockdown is dedicated to the beautiful Laburnum which bloomed with all its might and looked so alluring on the empty roads!

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Wall Art is an expression of your personality! It gives a dimension to your  beautiful home and makes it a cozy corner for your Thoughts to come in to reality!



Canvas GSM


Hardware for Hanging



Horizontal, Vertical, Square

Size in Inches/Cm

8*8In-20*20cm, 10*10In-25*25Cm, 12*12In-30*30Cm, 16*16In-40*40Cm, 8*12In-20*30Cm, 12*16In -30*40Cm, 16*20In-40*50Cm, 20*28In-50*70Cm, 20*20In-50*50Cm, 20*30In-50*76.2Cm

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